Tree Care Prudence

Travel around a neighborhood after a storm and you will see tree limbs, large and small scattered about the ground. Why do some limbs fall after storms and some merely bend? One reason trees fail is weak branches. Trees may suffer from naturally formed imperfections that can lead to branch failure at the union of the branch and main stem. Proper pruning can encourage the formation of the strongest possible branches and branch attachments.  A professional arborist can assess your landscape and work with you to determine the best course of actions for your existing trees and can also work with you to determine the best trees to plant. 

Homeowner’s insurance typically covers damage to your home, structures attached to home, fences, and patios caused by falling trees and limbs. Automobile insurance typically covers damage to your car from falling trees and limbs. Storms can leave even the most immaculate landscape in disarray. It’s a mess and an eyesore to say the least! Uprooted trees, broken branches, and stray debris are common after a storm. To prevent this, evaluate your landscape for potential hazards before storm season. Even innocuous tree limbs can prove dangerous in bad weather, so be thorough in your assessment. It is wise to hire a licensed tree care expert to help with this assessment. Most insurance companies require that homeowner’s contract with a Certified Arborist for tree storm damage. In Maryland, homeowners must use a Licensed Tree Expert to make an insurance claim as well.

Whether you are worried about that large limb over your house or driveway, or if you are thinking of removing or planting, it is wise to do it before storm season. This way you will be ahead of any damage that may occur. Plus, contacting a tree care expert before damage will likely be more financially wise and time efficient. Trees are a significant feature of your landscaping and any reputable arborist will advocate protecting and nurturing tree health. Look for a full-service arboricultural business that caters to every aspect of tree care. It is prudent to maintain regular tree care thereby preventing future potential hazards and costly solutions, such as storm clean up and damage.

While our area does not threaten a huge number of storms, we should still be prepared. Storms will occur and damage will ensue. It is wisest to act according to a preventative plan. Be safe and rest assured your that biggest assets are protected.


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